4 Best Drum Sets for Heavy Metal Drumming

You must’ve been thinking of starting a heavy metal band. If not, you might just be wanting to practice some fabulous drum combinations. When it comes to heavy metal music, you must undoubtedly have the right drum set. It would help you to set off in the right direction. Since heavy metal is more about quality sound, having a nice bass drum would be extremely helpful. 

It would add the required depth to the overall tone. An excellent kick drum is useful in adding a rich distinction in the song’s cadence. You must not forget that the snare must have a great clarity and snap to move your soul. So, here are the best drum sets for heavy metal music:

1. Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Drum Set

While Gammon also offers a junior starter kit, this is a fantastic choice for the experienced adult drummers. The set includes a bass drum, floor tom, snare drum, and two mounted toms. It has also been provided with cymbals, stool, stands, sticks, pedals, drum key, and other hardware. 

It has everything you need in order to get started on an exciting drumming journey. This is a professional-sized set with a high black gloss finish. As it is long-lasting, you’ll get complete value for money with this drum set.

2. LAGRIMA Black Full Size 5 Piece Complete Drum Set

This would make for a great set if you want to ease into drumming. One of the best features of this set are that all the drums have real wood shells. Another exciting feature is that the drums have more of a glossy finish. Better elasticity and longer use is ensured with the double layer oil skin. 

The stool can be adjusted to suit your height. The drums also have a good ringing chord. All the drums have been made with good-quality materials and are quite easy to assemble. Perhaps the only downside is that the cymbals are too tiny.

3. Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5 Piece Drum Set

From starting out to becoming an intermediate player, this drum set can be your great companion. You can also develop your career or play a few weekly gigs at the local bar with them. This 5-piece drum set with cymbals can be readily set up and is known for its durability. 

The snare, bass drum, and toms have a 9-ply Poplar shell. This produces a powerful tone. You’ll have a drum throne included in the set along with chain-drive bass drum pedal. Also included are geared and locking stands. 

All stands, including the drum throne have been dual-reinforced with double-braced legs. This drum set is definitely worth your money and is absolutely sturdy. The only disappointment is that no screws have been provided for hi-hat. 

4. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Standard Drum Kit

This is a wonderful drum set that produces great sounds. The birch drum shells have an air seal system. In terms of looks, it certainly has the elegance that makes it absolutely attractive. As expected, Yamaha lives up to its reputation for richness in instrumentation with this set as well. 

It has a good mix of snares, tom drums, kicks, and more. With a compact design, the set can be easily carried to and from the venues. The only disadvantage is that heads need to be replaced.