May 2015

Another chance for those in Albuquerque to see the film on June 5th. Get your tickets at:

Word from director, Wynn Ponder, is that all the legal hurdles have been cleared and distribution is now being explored. Check back for updates.

August 2015

March 2015

 We are proud to announce The Life, Blood & Rhythm of Randy Castillo at the KiMo Theatre on Thursday, March 26th AND the after party at Rock & Brews OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! Thanks to the entire community for for making it happen! Jay Schellen, Athena Kottak, James Kottak, Carmine Rojas, Phil Soussan, Stevie Salas, Marcus Nand and every other special guests were in front of a full house!


Never before has the KiMo seen such excitement in ticket sales for a documentary! Such an honor to screen this movie in Randy's home town!

November 2014

We won the award for BEST DOCUMENTARY for the premiere of The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo at the Red Nation Film Festival in Beverly Hills. Randy it's all for you!